Mido and Arte in vista presents Visionaria

Three live performance days thanks to the collaboration of some artists that will represent the sight and vision topic

The sight is the first sense that we use when we look through a common work of art. This is why takes place Visionaria - Arte in Vista event, with the aim to combine art and business. The exhibition will start with MIDO 2012, which will show three live performance days thanks to the collaboration of some artists that will represent the sight and vision topic. Dialoga Arte is the agency that has created Visionaria. It has worked for years trying to promote and establish new profitable relations among business, art and culture. Visionaria is the result between many years of business experience and a great passion for art.


It's a challenge to find a new jargon through which trade and business world can communicate with a larger and larger number of customers. It's not a new way to make patronage but an equal exchange in which young artists put their creativity and vision out to companies' service. Mido - International Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Exhibition - has always been the point of reference in the world eyewear sector. It has decided to accept this challenge adorning the exhibition with the strong beauties coming from the artistic language and compared directly with the products and the reality of the sector, creating finally a unique opportunity of growth and cultural exchange. Visionaria has been created as a choral performance of some artists like Andy, Gian Piero Gasparini, Willow, Leonardo Giacomo Borgese, KayOne together with the writers of Stradedarts Association.


They will be scattered inside the pavilions during the exhibition and everyone will work directly at the fair with their own unpublished paintings. Visitors and exhibitors could watch and interact at the creative process and production of different works of art. Each of these works will represent a personal interpretation of the artist about the sight or the vision topic: from the fluorescent Andy Pop Art to the extraordinary Gian Piero Gasparini composition and decomposition technique, going by the Leonardo Giacomo Borgese body painting and the Willow cartoon style. In the meantime the Street Art performance, edited by Stradedarts Cultural Association, will meet the most important Italian exponent of the Graffiti Art phenomenon that will exhibit in a Graffiti Jam on the inside walls of the pavilions.