Upcoming program agreement for education in Belluno area

The courses include "Eyewear sector and sports system product manager" and "Eyewear and fashion accessory design"

An innovative program agreement tailored to fit educational needs in the Belluno area. This is the tool that the Region and the Fondazione per l'Università e l'Alta Cultura are defining for the re-launch of education. "It is a challenge we strongly believe in", stated regional councilor Elena Donazzan. On the advice of regional councilor Dario Bond, yesterday she met Luigino Boito, who represents the Foundation's supporting members. With them was the director of the education sector in the Santo Romano region.

The program agreement is based on a precise analysis of the labor needs in this province of the Dolomites: "We have asked companies to provide the most requested profiles. Our aim is to trigger a virtuous cycle that will keep Belluno brains in the territory and provide reliable opportunities for growth", Boito underscored.
The project filed with the Region identifies precise fields that will be targeted for "higher" education as well as continuing education in various sectors.

The courses that might be included in the program are "Eyewear sector and sports system product manager", "Eyewear and fashion accessory design", "Mechatronics and domotics technician", "Specialists in bio-architecture and wood buildings for the Belluno construction industry", "Green economy specialist".
In terms of tourism, the project is oriented toward accommodations and promotion, beginning with the management of a platform for online bookings.
Another course could be personal services with specialization in emergency-urgent healthcare.


"This agreement could be the first regional-level experiment in education devoted to a specific territory thanks to accurate analyses of labor requirements", councilor Donazzan stated. "It begins with the job location for creating employment opportunities".


"The time has come for the Foundation to take a step up in quality", councilor Bond said. "Venice still believes in targeted education for Belluno and Feltre as cities of culture. It's also for this reason that there will be no lack of funds".


City councilor for culture Ennio Trento expressed his satisfaction: "At a time when the existence of the Foundation is coming under strong criticism, a sign like this is indispensable. But it is important that Feltre itself continues to believe in it and sets an example for all the other members. The project must be carried forward with responsibility and determination and with the certainty that once again it is a team spirit that will make the difference".