Successful participation in “Design della Comunicazione” workshop

Certottica analyzed the importance of targeted advertising for a strong presence in the market

The last stage of the DESIRE project, which offered the eyewear industry a series of laboratories and workshops on eyewear design as a successful fashion product, focused on the importance of creating targeted advertising for a strong presence in the market....even with a modest investment!


This was the very interesting subject of the workshop held last Friday at Certottica: speaker Klaus Steindl – who coordinates the work group of a Design della Comunicazione agency – guided over 30 participants on a fascinating journey in the world of advertising. He pointed out the deeper meanings of the advertising messages we see every day and the expert production work that is carried out upstream, which leverages different aspects depending on the target to be reached and the message to be conveyed.


Advertising must transmit information and emotions and speak to people's hearts and minds by using the most advanced technological and multimedia tools. An excellent product in terms of design, quality and functionality is not enough to be successful: a product can be pronounced successful only if it is liked and bought by the market. This is why it is essential to have an effective communication strategy that emphasizes the product's best aspects and uniqueness, starting with an in-depth analysis of the company's sector, its objectives, the product characteristics to be "communicated", the reference target and the potential market.


The workshop's practical format provided participants with many easy-to-apply suggestions, especially when it came to the presentation of the communication plan for one of the eyewear models created by the participants in the DESIRE project. According to the message to be transmitted and the target to be reached, the product was given a name, and a logo - a significant expression to be combined with the name - was created with a specific shape and color. In particular, the main characteristics a logo design must have to be effective were considered: a logo must make people think about the product in the way intended by the manufacturer. The last invaluable piece of advice: using the tools and communication methods made available by technology, such as YouTube and social forums, can lead to exceptional visibility for a modest investment!