MISE investigates solution to CE marking on eyewear

Undersecretary Vicari received representatives of ANFAO and Certottica

The Ministry for Economic Development entered the field intent on shedding light on a manufacturing sector like that of sunglasses in which Italy is the world leader. Specifically, the issue raised by ANFAO (the Italian Association of Optical Goods Manufacturers) and Certottica (the Italian Institute for the Certification of Optical Products) concerns the fact that for certain prescription and sun frames (particularly curved models made from special materials or smaller than 5 mm) it is difficult to correctly apply the CE marking in accordance with the European directive. The risk is that consumers may believe they have bought a product that does not meet legal requirements when in actual fact it does.


For this reason, Simona Vicari, the undersecretary for economic development, today held a meeting at the Ministry with the manufacturers of eyewear and optical materials. The purpose was to find an early solution that takes into consideration the impossibility of applying the marking envisaged by the regulation to the temples of some products. It was suggested during the meeting that a compromise could be reached: when the marking is difficult to apply, minimum incongruences in the shape and size of the CE marking could be tolerated, bearing in mind that it is already mandatory for sunglasses to be sold complete with an information leaflet which includes the marking and full details about the product.


ANFAO and Certottica will promptly provide the Ministry with some cases that were investigated by the Vigilance bodies and, in the mid-term, with a proposal harmonized at European level for verifying the marking. The situation will be reviewed on July 17, when Undersecretary Vicari will visit Certottica.