Certottica receives Perseo Award for expertise at international level

The Longarone-based institute received the highest honor from the Italian Opticians Association in Florence

Certottica has received the award for its recognized and valued expertise at international level: these were the reasons given Sunday, October 28, against the splendid backdrop of the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, by the Italian Opticians Association (AIO) which presented the award to the Institute in the 20th year since its foundation.


At the "Maestro Ottico" event organized by Luxottica and in the presence of the city's highest authorities, AIO president Mario Casini presented the Perseo Award, the significant recognition by the Association, to Certottica director general Luigino Boito. The dedication reads: "To Certottica, in the twentieth year since its foundation, for creating at Longarone, between Venice and the Dolomites, an internationally recognized and esteemed institute of notable expertise in the sectors of certification, training, research, development and standardization and a point of reference for all companies in the optical sector for the free circulation of their products throughout the world in accordance with precise standards".


Together with Luigino Boito, the Mayor of Longarone, Roberto Padrin, commented on the Award by remembering the tragic events in the territory that led to the creation of Certottica: "Vajont is the name of the infamous torrent that runs through the Erto e Casso valley on its way to the River Piave opposite the town of Longarone in the province of Belluno. The communities of this Alpine territory were destroyed on the night of October 9, 1963, when a landslide of 270-million cubic meters of rock from Monte Toc dropped into the Vajont Dam reservoir causing a massive wave that wiped out Longarone and the towns nearby. More than 1900 people lost their lives. But life was created in that valley of death and desolation. And the industry that transformed the province of Belluno from a land of agriculture and emigration into one of the most advanced and dynamic areas in the northeast. Then came Certottica, which developed in the heart of the eyewear district, a decision that attests to the rebirth, presence and work of Belluno entrepreneurialism".


During the event, 85 opticians also received Diplomas of Honor for 30 years in the profession, 17 Plaques of Honor for 40 years in the profession and 14 historical stores received awards for over 50 years on the market.