Certottica invests in training courses for SMEs in Belluno area

Aim: to compete with successful products in new markets

Certottica is providing free training courses promoted by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Veneto Region for the employed, employees and owners of businesses.
The aim is to add value to the territory by training professionals who are capable of translating creative ideas into models that respond to demands by different segments of the market and of bringing new ideas to the world of eyewear that will result in original and sought-after products.


A particular course is titled 'Predicting markets for creating designer products' and is given by six SMEs in the Belluno and Treviso eyewear sector for a total of 8 professional designers who can study such subjects as: design – the aesthetic and artistic dimension, symbolic and identifying values that reflect on fashion and the applied arts; taking manufacturing characteristics into consideration when creating a product; the harmonious colors and aesthetical foundations that lead to the creation of a successful product; comparing the elements that determine the market value of collections, reinventing a product aimed at the needs of the target.


The training course is held by experts from the world of design and products: Michele Tison – expert is visual arts and communication, Dante Caretti – the product man par excellence (founder of Caretti Consulting); Francesca Valan – color expert; Lucio Stramare – prestigious designer (owner of Stile Italiano).


Starting on the weekend of February 10-11, 'The creative process for a successful product' is a course that looks into certain subjects and, in particular, the concept of creating a new product that is not copied but conceived as the combination of all its characteristics with focus on harmonious colors and its perceptive and emotional expression. The course is still open for enrollments.


Scheduled to start March 21 (open for enrollment now), the training course 'Encouraging the internationalization of Small Medium Enterprises" aims to give participants the necessary expertise for approaching foreign markets with the 360-degree enhancement and promotion of their products.