Certottica: eyewear and accessories style and design

Boito: "a higher number than expected, which confirms that young people still believe in the world of eyewear"

"All parents think about their children's future. I am no longer in that fortunate position so I try to help the sons and daughters in the territory. Giving young people a helping hand compensates for the sadness in my life".

The words of Fabrizio De Silvestro, owner of Gatto Astucci, are the noble essence of the "fashion eyewear and accessories style and design course" promoted by Certottica: all course participants will have the right to a scholarship donated by De Silvestro in memory of his son, Vigilio, who died before his time. "There are various initiatives that we are carrying forward in the name of Vigilio, like the eye clinic at 3,000 meters above sea level in Ecuador".


The course at Certottica is now in its sixth edition and has had over 50 registrations: "a number that is higher than all expectations" – commented managing director Luigino Boito – "and an important confirmation that young people still believe in the eyewear world and want to invest in this sector". Major supporters of this initiative include the Fondazione per l'Università e l'Alta Cultura in the province of Belluno, the Eyewear Museum, and Mido.


The 600-hour course is divided into 400 hours of lessons and 200 hours of practical experience in companies. Its aim is to shape the professional and innovative profile of a designer who is capable of carrying out a graphic and artistic project for eyewear. Again this year, the course will nod at creativity but without neglecting marketing and market developments and trends.


Source: Il Gazzettino di Belluno