Certottica continues research into non-iridescent decorative coatings

The first results of the experiments by far exceed the most optimistic expectations

Certottica continues to investigate the field of non-iridescent decorative coatings: the project "Development of non-iridescent decorative coatings" (or H.P.P.P) is part of the Italy–Austria Interreg IV Program and proposes an investigation into whether a hybrid system exists that can deposit metal film with PVD technology and protective transparent film with PECVD technology without part manipulation, or the best solution for constructing such a system.


The partners are pursuing the planned objective and the hardware at their disposal is constantly improved to achieve the level of reliability necessary for the subsequent stages of the research.
Apropos of this, experiments have been carried out on a new technical solution for eliminating iridescence in thin film and it has already demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing the phenomenon without altering the characteristics of chemical and mechanical strength.


A new electrode studied in synergy with DIENER, the leading manufacturer of plasma systems, was mounted in the system and it substantially modified the geometry of the deposition chamber.
The first results of the experiment by far exceeded the most optimistic expectations: deposit speed, isotropy and aesthetics made a leap in quality and the corrosion tests provided the first very positive information about the strength characteristics of deposited film.


The know-how acquired has taken giant steps since the start of the project: the aims are not easy to achieve, especially with regard to industrial application, but these discoveries have encouraged researchers to continue experimenting with increased optimism.