SeeCoat Blue Now Available on All Nikon Rx Lenses

The many sources of artificial light expose us to peaks of High Energy Visible (HEV) light – also known as blue light

Although essential to life, regulating our internal biological cycles, HEV light causes uncomfortable flicker and glare, and therefore visual stress, when diffused in unnatural proportions. The recent SeeCoat Blue lens coating developed by Nikon is now available for all their Rx lenses.


"Recent research reveals that today's digital world raises new and very real concerns for our visual health. And that's why Nikon developed SeeCoat Blue: the first clear lens coating in Canada that filters the harmful portion of blue light to optimize contrasts, reduce eye strain and, most importantly, help protect your visual health," explains Tibor Martz, technical assistant group director at Nikon Optical Canada.


"People are familiar with traditional blue blockers - that orange tint typically used for sunglasses and outdoor use," continues Martz, "Today, however, we spend more and more time indoors using digital devices and surrounded by artificial light. SeeCoat Blue was specifically developed with this changing lifestyle in mind. It is not a tint; instead it's a clear anti-reflective coating with an advanced blue light filter, which filters blue light from 380 to 500 nm. Modern artificial light is known to emit peaks of HEV light at around 450 nm, and this is where SeeCoat Blue is most effective. So now you can reduce eye strain associated with digital device usage, and work for long hours in greater comfort.


SeeCoat Blue, now available for all Nikon Rx lenses, continues to provide the benefits of a premium Nikon coating - scratch-resistant, anti-static, anti-reflective and smudge resistant.