Zeiss presents Vision Marketing Service

The new portal for partner optical centers who want to communicate

An innovative portal for a simple, fast and effective way of establishing local communication: this is what Zeiss proposes for its partner optical center.


Communication is the first step towards establishing a presence in the territory and conveying unique and special initiatives for captivating and creating loyalty among users in the relevant catchment area. Vision Marketing Service is a portal completely dedicated to marketing actions that can be developed in collaboration with Zeiss in order to meet different needs and cover all seasons and all products.


There are ten campaign subjects with over 30 variants, a complete menu of above- and below-the-line media to choose from so that any customer segment will be reached effectively.


The portal is in addition to the services and tools that the company has developed and makes available for its customers as part of the Business Partner Program oriented toward collaboration and all-round support that goes well beyond products. It offers partner customers a turnkey service with prompt and dedicated assistance. This dynamic and flexible tool will meet the varied needs of optical centers that want to stand out on the market and create loyalty among existing and potential customers.


Online this month, Vision Marketing Service also proposes store window initiatives in support of national campaigns, such as the current Zeiss prescription-sun lens action that is an opportunity to talk about sun protection and raise public awareness about the importance of graduated sun lenses as screens against the harmful UV rays that affect our eyes' wellbeing and health.