Zeiss 100 eyewear by Simon Chim receives grandesignEtico 2012 Award

One hundred years of optical excellence and a mix of different cultures for a totally original solution on the eco-sustainability horizon

On Thursday, November 22, the Oberdan space in Milan hosted the grandesignEtico International Award 2012 ceremony.


Now at its 12th edition, the event organized by the Plana Cultural Association awards products with the parameters of quality, innovation and technology, but also do not lose sight of the environment and social, ethical and humanitarian contexts.


Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens – the division of the Carl Zeiss group dedicated to the production of sun lenses – received the coveted award for "ZEISS 100 by Simon Chim" sunglasses, a limited edition created by Hong Kong designer Simon Chim to celebrate the centenary of Carl Zeiss precision lenses.


The product is distinguished by the search for quality and respect for the values of craftsmanship and cultural exchange. It is the result of an exclusive collaboration by Italy, China and Germany that pays homage to Zeiss' hundred-year tradition and uses "made in China" artisan techniques.


Thanks to the Recycled Paper Frame technique, Hong Kong designer Simon Chim manually wrapped the frame in printed paper and images that illustrate the story of the brand. It was then given a protective coat of resin and polished.


The Zeiss sun lenses used are produced in Varese by Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens.
Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens would like to thank the grandesignEtico team for the award and designer Simon Chim for collaborating on this original project.