ZEAL Optics presents e-llume

The world's first bio-based lens

ZEAL Optics has presented the world's first and only lens made with plant-based material that meets the highest optical standards of quality and clarity while reducing the impact on the environment to a minimum.


On occasion of the International Vision Expo in New York City, ZEAL Optics unveiled and launched the world's first lens using plant-based bonding agents instead of those derived from petroleum.


"We are really enthusiastic about presenting the new e-llume lens", said Zeal President John Sanchez. "ZEAL has created a lens that will become the sector's new benchmark because of its optical clarity and environment friendliness".


Designed and crafted in Boulder, Colorado, this lens is the demonstration that environmental initiatives are not a deterrent to incredible optical experiences. ZEAL's engineering team was able to not only reformulate the bonding agent to eliminate petroleum, but also to maintain a 38 Abbe optical clarity value.


The ZEAL brand's principles of environmental and social responsibility and the creation of memorable life experiences are influenced by this type of innovative discovery that goes beyond the realms of ecological movements and current optical standards. It is the first lens of its kind that is a real ecological alternative to lenses crafted from petroleum-derived materials.


At present, all ZEAL sunglasses frames are made from Z-Resin, a plant-based material for which castor-oil is used instead of petroleum in the production process. Thanks to the new e-llume lenses, ZEAL will become the first company in the world to open up the road towards the total elimination of petroleum from the manufacture of sunglasses.


"Castor-oil is a renewable resource", declared Dick Auld, professor of plant and soil science at Texas Tech University. "We praise Zeal for taking the initiative to use a product that not only increases its sustainability, but also maintains the high quality of the products offered".


ZEAL Optics' patent-pending bio-based lenses offer unsurpassed protection and prevention from UV-A, UV-B and UV-C radiation. Furthermore, they are able to identify and block a harmful light spectrum called High Energy Visible (HEV) light, which was recently indicated as one of the possible causes of cataract and macular degeneration. ZEAL e-llume lenses are able to identify and block this light spectrum. The e-llume lenses have a special hard coating for scratch resistance and an exclusive high-transmission polarized film for greater eye protection from harmful rays.