Win a trip to the stars with Transitions

The company is sending the first optician into space to enjoy the wellbeing of sharp vision

Transitions Optical presents "The world as you've never seen it before". This new competition exclusively for opticians and optometrists was created to demonstrate to eyecare professionals the importance of increasingly sharp vision.


An exceptional and unprecedented prize: an incredible journey into space on a jet from which the lucky winner (a Platinum Club optician/optometrist) will have a completely different view of the world and a unique visual experience.


Starting January 30, the competition will continue for 24 weeks to July 1, 2012. To take part, just sign up on and collect as many miles as possible by selling pairs of Transitions® lenses and registering them on by inserting the code number on the certificate of authenticity for every pair of Transitions® lenses sold.


Every week a winner will be drawn from the certificates registered on the site. The prizes range from a Bose wireless speaker to an Apple TV, from a Nespresso coffee machine to an Apple iPod Touch or an Aiptek P8 3D digital frame.


There will be special treatment for opticians and optometrists who are members of one of the three Transitions Clubs. To access them, just collect as many miles as possible: 5,000 for Silver Club, 10,000 for Gold Club and 15,000 for Platinum Club.


A special initiative created by Transitions Optical on a dedicated platform called MyTransitions, where eyecare professionals can have ever-increasing contact with the Transitions world and collect miles with exclusive benefits and advantages.


The luckiest member of the Silver and Gold Clubs could win a Galaxy Nexus smartphone. For members of the Platinum Club the prize is a journey into space on a jet to see the world as they've never seen it before and have a unique visual experience.