Watchwords for Zeiss: efficiency and customer satisfaction

Zeiss continues to support the investment plan oriented toward achieving maximum manufacturing and distribution efficiency

"Being in step with the times means answering your customers' needs promptly and, when possible, exceed their expectations, thereby ensuring their maximum satisfaction" the company stated.


This constant pursuit of improvement and a determination to be confirmed as a reliable partner with regard to product quality and service, stimulated ZEISS to implement a reorganization and modernization plan that for over a year has involved the headquarters as well as subsidiaries and depots throughout the territory and will continue in 2014 with important new developments that were confirmed in recent weeks.


The main milestones include the availability of ZEISS stock lenses also at local subsidiaries so that premium products can be obtained rapidly; the remote beveling service with latest-generation cutting equipment not only at its headquarters to offer maximum product quality and savings in time and resources at the Optical Center, which can then devote itself to the end-customer; greater manufacturing and distribution efficiency in accordance with a LEAN approach that for ZEISS prescription products reduces waiting times by a very significant amount in some cases. Worthy of note is the reduction in waiting time to only 3-5 business days that ZEISS laboratories currently confirm for prescription product 1.74.


"Month after month we are seeing the first important results of significant investments. Our customers' confidence in us is further confirmation that we are on the right road, that is a faster offer of products that are qualitatively superior and innovative to support all Optical Centers in their relationships with end-customers" concluded Carl Zeiss Vision.