Vuarnet celebrates 55 years of Skilynx technology

Revisited and re-presented iconic models that made the brand famous over the years

Vuarnet Sunglasses, the legendary and prestigious French brand, is celebrating the 55th anniversary of its exclusive Skilynx technology by recounting the history of the brand since 1960 to the present day.
The renowned brand from Paris has proposed modern versions of the iconic models that made it internationally famous. The exceptional quality of its products throughout these 55 years has been revisited and adapted to modern times in terms of lightness, safety, practicality and aesthetics: "back to the future".

The Alain Mikli boutique at 9 Corso Como, Milan, is the location that has been chosen for the celebration event from 5 to 8pm on Thursday, December 13, and the presentation of legendary eyewear MOD. 002 with the famous Skilynx lenses worn by Jean Vuarnet at the 1960 Olympic Games, when he won a gold medal for downhill skiing at Squaw Valley (USA).


Made in France, Skilynx are special technological lenses made from mineral glass by means of a complex production process. Thanks to the color of the filter and special mirroring, Skilynx lenses deliver maximum safety and protection from exposure to strong sunlight, with sharp, clear vision even with reflections from the snow. These innovative lenses were invented and patented by Roger Pouilloux, a Paris optician who decided to link Jean Vuarnet to his product, leading to the birth of the Vuarnet Sunglasses brand.
In 1984, Vuarnet sponsored the Olympic Games in Los Angeles and the brand became famous at world level: California's radio networks immediately adopted the slogan "It's a Vuarnet day today!" instead of "it's a sunny day today!".


The legend continues to this day with the eyewear in the Vintage collection inspired by the brand's historic models, and the "Dynamic" collection dedicated to the world of sport.