Vanni “at the circus” to present its new models

A fitting alternative to convey the dynamism of the new collection

Vanni's question was: how can we convey the dynamism of the new eyewear collection in out-of-the-ordinary visuals? The answer was: go to the circus to find the brio and lightheartedness of a fantastic stage for the new eyewear models.


The Vanni-style photo shoot was based on balancing acts on wire, ladders and balls, rolling in fabrics, club throwing, pole climbing, trampoline jumping, acrobatics in the ring or on the trapeze.


A meeting with today's acrobats who are in fact athletes. Stefania, Amos, Juan, Elena, Mia, Valentina and Diego are young pupils of the Cirko Vertigo School at Grugliasco in the Turin area.


They come from all parts of the world to learn the historic circus skills brought up to date by introducing new suggestions under chapiteaux and theaters, but without animals, and backed up by their preparation as gymnasts and artists. They welcomed the Vanni team during a morning lesson, when they wore vision and sun eyewear and were the amused accomplices in photographs by Gabriella Di Muro, which also led to a special edition of Vanni Magazine, "At the Circus".


The photos will be distributed and used online and in the special edition of Vanni Magazine.