Uvex IR: new technology for protection against infrared radiation

Eyewear suitable for a large variety of sports

The human eye can detect visible light up to wavelengths of 380 to 780nm. Beyond this point, when we are outdoors and our eyesight is under stress from exposure to the sun and bright natural light, invisible infrared radiation can cause heat damage. IR-A radiation is partly absorbed by the retina, vitreous body and lens itself. Unfortunately, the retina's ability to recover is limited and low energy rays lead to irreversible photochemical damage, such as small spots that seem to float in air when we look at the sky or when there is reflected light.


UVEX has developed a new technology for protection against infrared radiation. It establishes new standards for helping more demanding athletes for whom 100% protection against UV rays and image quality are not enough in terms of their performance. Uvex IR is more: it guarantees 100% protection from hazardous IR-A radiation up to 1000nm.