Upcoming launch of Google Glass?

Google officially changes the name from Project Glass to "Google Glass"

We have always called them Google Glass, "mistakenly" it appears, since till now Google's augmented reality glasses were known as Project Glass.


But just a few days ago Google made "Google Glass" their official name, perhaps to indicate that it is no longer a "project" but a reality. In fact, the glasses have been tested several times, for example, by Maurizio Pesce of "Wired" magazine, who wore them for a whole day in New York City. Mr. Pesce reported that they are in no way intrusive and "when left in stand-by mode, they display the time and, by running a finger across the frame, they display some pre-set Cards like the weather, sports results and the latest news." Just saying "Ok Glass" will activate the device and then you can record a 10 second-long video or take a photo, but that's all, for the moment.


For optimal operation, Google Glass need Wi-Fi connection but they can also be used without any connection.


It's rumored that they will be on the market by end 2013 and making the name official is a hopeful sign. But as they are still at the experimental stage, all we can do is wait!