Tribrid protagonist at Mido 2012

The new material developed by PPG comes to the Italian market with D.A.I. Optical and Optilens

"The Tribrid material is the evolution in lens technology - said Christine Camsuzou, General Manager of PPG Optical Materials. The Tribrid material offers numerous benefits to wearers, thus confirming PPG's commitment to developing superior quality lens materials. Patients with stronger prescriptions can finally wear lenses that are not only thinner but, above all, can guarantee them visual clarity, lightness, strength and protection from harmful UV rays."

The Tribrid lens was presented to the Italian market at Mido 2012, and PPG also announced partnerships with two major companies in the sector: D.A.I. Optical and Optilens Italia.


The launch of this new product enhances the range of high-performance lenses manufactured by D.A.I. Optical Industries and is also the product of efforts by the technical and product team at Optilens Italia to confirm the material's suitability for coatings and lens surfaces.


"Our exclusive Pentalite Tribrid lenses use a pioneering technology which combines the features of Pentalite Trivex with traditional chemical components in high index lenses - says Roberto De Gennaro, CEO of D.A.I. Optical Industries - Our customers will be satisfied with the benefits offered by this new product: lightness, sharp vision, strength, toughness and thinness. The new Pentalite Tribrid lenses are the ideal solution for all lifestyles and can just as easily be worn by children as by seniors. We are truly happy to be one of the first laboratories in Italy to offer the Tribrid material to our customers"


"Tribrid lenses are a combination of different characteristics - excellent optical quality, strength and durability - and thanks to their higher refractive index, they guarantee the right balance between style and comfort. - says Marco Tappainer, Director of Operations at Optilens Italy. - We are very excited about launching the Tribrid material in our OptiXform range of progressive lenses. Created for the individual needs of wearers, they can reduce visual stress and improve comfort. Thanks to the lightness, thinness and transparency of the Tribrid material, additional benefits can also be achieved in terms of expanding the field of vision and reducing visual distortions".