Transitions presents Life 360°

The innovative patent for measuring light-sensitivity performance which faithfully reproduces real-life situations

People spend their days in constantly evolving environments, moving from indoor to outdoor places, from sunlight to the shade and continuously changing their positioning towards the sun. Therefore, the performances of light-sensitive lenses are influenced by many factors.


The traditional laboratory tests, which use UV and visible light artificially set in order to reproduce average real lighting conditions, are therefore unable to reflect the real experience of glass wearers. Hence, the new measuring patent by Transitions Optical, Life 360°, the innovative test for the analysis of light-sensitivity performance specifically designed to measure and perfect the effectiveness of the new Transitions lenses, which faithfully takes into account real daily life conditions, places and situations.


Run in over 7 countries in two continents, using mannequins that traveled over 70,000 Km, the new tests were carried out in over 200 different real life situations detecting over a thousand measurements which take into account different variables such as temperature, lighting angle, UV ray intensity, geographical position and weather conditions.


Thanks to its newly designed measuring patent, Transitions Optical has therefore been able to develop the Signature lenses, which are the first lenses capable of providing excellent visual performance in countless real life conditions. The first blind test already show some good results: 8 people out of 10 have stated that they prefer the Transitions Signature lenses to their current lenses.