Transitions Loves ic! berlin event in Milan

An occasion to celebrate the merger between technological innovation and design that unites Transitions lenses with ic! berlin frames

In the atmosphere of Berlin recreated in the unusual location of The Hub in the heart of Milan yesterday evening, the event was held to celebrate the perfect merger between technological innovation and advanced design that unites Transitions lenses with ic! berlin frames that are famous also because of the original touch given by eclectic stylist and founder Ralph Anderl, who attended yesterday's event.


The evening was animated by a musical performance by Fredrich Lichtenstein, renowned in Germany thanks to the Supergeil music video used in the spot for the German supermarket chain and which rapidly went viral with hundreds of millions of views.


With Transitions, innovation and style cohabit perfectly. Created to offer the best vision experience, Transitions lenses are the ideal "eye-tech" solution in any situation because they perfectly handle any light conditions.


These leading-edge lenses that adapt to the level of light by becoming darker or lighter automatically, are perfect for all frame styles, even the most original and eclectic. This is demonstrated by the recent collaboration with ic! berlin - Germany's original "urban style" brand - whose frames best enhance Transitions dynamic lens technology by creating a bond with a glamorous and inimitable style.


With Transitions dynamic lenses, ic! berlin frames have been interpreted in a new design for ideal eyewear with unmistakable style. Made entirely by hand with no screws or weld, ic! berlin frames have a special removable clip that makes it extremely easy to assemble and disassembled the eyewear. An avant-garde concept that blends perfectly with latest generation Transitions lenses.


The must-have new products include: Transitions Signature lenses in Graphite Green, a trendy new color jointly developed by Transitions Optical and Essilor International. They join the current range in gray and brown to more fully cover different needs dictated by looks and the moment.