Totally renewed now online

Choosing the perfect frame has become easier has returned and is focusing on products through completely renewed design. Choosing the perfect eyewear and the retailer that best suits your needs has never been so easy. The new launch is accompanied by extremely clear graphics and large visuals.


"Clarity and attention to fundamental aspects are the key themes of the new design of website." This was how Arnold Schmied, owner of Silhouette International, described the new "evolutionary" stage of Silhouette's digital communication. "We are aiming at the large scale presentation of our models with increasing focus on services that can help customers to choose".


The presentation of the models is an absolute priority. The filter helps visitors to select the eyewear of greatest interest by very quickly and easily finding the most suitable colors and lens shape.


With the "Try it" function, the models are worn virtually. The "iMirror" application, now famous among network navigators and directly integrated in the presentation of the various products, is very simple to manage: just take a photo with a webcam or upload an existing one, position the eyewear and see the effect on your own face. The decidedly realistic image takes the uncertainty out of choosing the most suitable and face-flattering models. Sophisticated filter functions give an accurate selection based on specific criteria: from the shape of the lenses to color and different aesthetics, like brow line and color.


Finding an optician must be as simple as possible. This is why the Silhouette retailer locator function on the company's website has been radically changed. The new version of has an innovative map with the location and address of the retailer in the user's area.


The graphics of the "Look" section have also been completely renewed, with experts answering visitors' questions about wellbeing and aesthetics: a style test helps customers to choose the most suitable model and makeup artist to the stars, Mary Greenwell, gives advice on style with a special "24-h eyecare" space about looking after your eyes.