The golden days of Adidas at London 2012

72 medals for the partner of the Olympic Committees of Great Britain, Belgium, France and Germany

The grand total of the athletes supported by Adidas Eyewear at London 2012 was 35 gold medals, 23 silver and 14 bronze. Adizero Tempo contributed to the athletes' success by ensuring perfect vision in all conditions. "Adizero Tempo was a true star of the Olympics. On the strength of years of product development, it was able to offer support to over 70 Olympic medal winners and was the first eyewear to be chosen by four Olympic Committees," explains Ben Ashlin, Marketing Manager of Adidas Eyewear.


Designed for outstanding performance, the ultralight Adizero Tempo feature a hallmark aggressive aesthetic combined with extraordinary functional properties. A wide selection of scratchproof LST™ lenses guarantee a vision of elevated contrast in all light conditions, combined with total UV protection. Even during the harshest training and competitions, the Adizero Tempo are kept firmly in place by the soft padding of the nosepiece and the individually adjustable arms: important details that ensure that the glasses never exert excessive pressure on the face of the wearer.