The Fedon Group presents its new identity

A completely revised image for strengthening market leadership

In today's constantly evolving and increasingly international society, the Fedon Group has invested in an important brand enhancement and positioning project with the presentation of its new identity.
The Group's image has been completely revised to strengthen its market leadership and reconfirm itself as one of main players. A successful decision that led to the creation of an impactful and immediately recognizable logo, the extreme synthesis of precise values and an ability to compete in a scenario that is crowded with the signs that are part of being contemporary.


Today the Group is headed by Callisto Fedon who belongs to a family of ancient tradition of the Cadore region that has been operating in the optical sector for four generations. This undeniable industrial and commercial success is attributable to one aspect that seems to emerge above all the others: a huge passion for a product that is conceived, designed and planned with the most modern technologies combined with a style that is always up to date.


"The name of the Company is that of the founder, my grandfather, and over 90 years have gone by since the start of the Giorgio Fedon & Figli business, but now throughout the world we are called and recognized as "Fedon", a name that also sounds good abroad" – stated Callisto Fedon. "In line with the move toward brand simplification, we thought of using just one word that would be easier to remember and memorize, but without neglecting the values of our tradition. The gentle lines reflect the same care that we put into designing our products; the "O" conjures up a product that represents one of our icons, containing our establishment year, while the numbers "1" enclosed in a "triangle" are an almost propitiatory symbol that has been with us since our first day of business."


It is possible that the founder would never have imagined that such a small start would lead to an international Group, a world leader for the production of eyewear cases and accessories, with a modern logistics and manufacturing organization, factories in Italy, Romania and China, sales branches in the USA, Hong Kong, Germany and France, and over 1500 employees.


For some years now the Company has diversified its core business with a line of objects, leather accessories and bags intended to celebrate a stage or a moment to be remembered by a gift, even to oneself. Characterized by the use of natural, soft and tactile materials that convey a pleasurable feeling, the Fedon collection has clean and modern lines that follow the tastes and trends of the moment but at the same time stand out for innovation.


The Group felt the need to change its identity expressed in the new logo; not just graphically but a new look that has been transferred to all the Group's divisions, primarily to the core business of cases, where technical and stylistic innovation has made Fedon the world leader for the manufacture and sale of eyewear cases and accessories for the optical sector in Italy and abroad.