Telkom PGA Championship: great golf with Rudy Project

Huge success for Jaco Van Zyl of South Africa

With 268 strokes (-20), South African golfer Jaco Van Zyl won the Telkom PGA Championship in Johannesburg, one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the Sunshine Tour circuit. Thanks to his talent, Van Zyl, who wore Rudy Project glasses Genetyk Racing Pro Golf™, defeated the other competitors on the green and finished the last round in 69 strokes; a success that has placed him among the world's top 100 players.


Rudy Project Genetyk Racing Pro Golf™ glasses are confirmed favorites among the world's greatest players, not only Van Zyl but also Edoardo Molinari, Oliver Bekker and Matt Carvell. Extreme width of vision is guaranteed by the ultra-wraparound, one-piece lens that protects the eyes from the elements (wind, sand, rain...) and UVA/UVB.


Specific latest-generation ImpactX™ Photochromic Golf lenses optimized to transmit certain wavelengths aimed at increasing sensitivity and contrast when looking at the course and the golf ball; photochromic pigments designed to guarantee the best possible vision perception, reduce eyestrain and increase comfort when playing: these are just some of the most advanced technological solutions that these glasses include for total performance on the golf course in any weather conditions. Genetyk Racing Pro Golf™ are also fitted with the Quick Change™ lens system so that the correct filter can be inserted for specific light conditions or terrain. The ergonomic nose piece, Ergo IV™, and adjustable end pieces on the temples give a stable and personalized fit that will even stand up to the most abrupt movements while ensuring maximum levels of comfort. Thanks to the Clip-on optical insert, Genetyk Racing Pro Golf™ can be worn also by athletes with vision problems that require personalized correction.


Rudy Project's extraordinary success at Telkom PGA was completed by the excellent performances of Oliver Bekker and Matt Carvell, who were both classified in tenth position.


The next appointment is at the end of next week for the finals of the Investec Cup, where another great success is expected for the Rudy Project brand.