"System of Better Vision" presented by Rodenstock today at Mido

A highly successful, unique and comprehensive concept with the Rodenstock signature

Rodenstock has something extra to offer: a complete "System of Better Vision" that will provide opticians and, primarily, wearers of glasses with everything they need. From choosing the best frame based on face shape to a huge variety of lenses, from ordering and sales methods to perfect after-sales service – customers will get everything from a single supplier: Rodenstock.
Today at the Mido OttiClub – Hall 22, Rodenstock presented all the services in the System of Better Vision on a route that makes it possible to experience every step on the road to the perfect pair of eyeglasses.


For more than 150 years, Rodenstock has been offering a unique vision system that is a combination of innovative lenses and the timeless quality and elegance of its frame collections. For 2012, the company is committed to reorganizing sales and consultancy in addition to expanding its methods to create the System of Better Vision. Rodenstock offers the best solutions for individual needs - for the optician as well as the end-user – by following the customer's route from consultancy to decision-making to the sales process.


At Mido, visitors were able to walk round the route for a live experience of what it means to have a partner of the caliber of Rodenstock. A route that benefits everyone, because both the optician and the end-user can enjoy the synergic effect of the numerous advantages offered by Rodenstock.
Like a genuine virtual world full of experiences, the "House of Better Vision" arouses the considerable interest of consumers. At the same time, online, social network and marketing actions encourage consumers to visit their optician and ophthalmologist more frequently. Rodenstock offers different tools for successful consultancy and sales operations: they include the new Rodenstock Consulting platform and numerous iPad applications, the ImpressionIST® Avantgarde and ImpressionIST® 3 service terminals, a logically-structured portfolio of premium lenses and frames oriented toward customer satisfaction, and the success of model EyeLT®, a comprehensive concept for better vision. The practical ordering software WinFit® Reference and the innovative anti-fogging cloth complete the perfect offer from Rodenstock.


Rodenstock's sole aim is to satisfy the needs of customers and consumers and the new "classification" of lenses helps it to do this. The user-friendly division – Rodenstock Superior, Rodenstock Excellence and Rodenstock Perfection – represents three product categories that are designed to simplify consultancy and sales actions, especially when it comes to top-quality lenses. Consumers benefit considerably, because they have the guarantee of buying the best eyewear for their specific needs. See better. Look perfect.