Sting looks for new faces

The brand targets youth and begins 'Focus on You' auditions

After choosing highly popular showman Francesco Facchinetti as its testimonial, the De Rigo Group's house brand, Sting, is again demonstrating its attention to young consumers and has begun 'Focus on You' Auditions for the 6 new faces of next season's visuals.


Begun January 23, the entertaining new initiative is dedicated to 10-to-30-year-olds of both sexes who will have the chance to experience Auditioning for the next Sting testimonial.


To take part in the audition, just upload on a photo or video of yourself wearing your favorite Sting eyewear... and the adventure will begin!
All the photos will be available on the website gallery, Facebook and YouTube and participants can share them on their personal Facebook profile to increase the number of "LIKE" votes by all their friends.


The finalists will be chosen by the De Rigo Group and in May they will take part in the big 'Focus on You' auditioning event presented by effervescent Francesco Facchinetti. The 6 new faces for the Sting 2012 visuals will be announced at that time.


The lucky six winners will be given a collaboration contract and will have the chance to take part in the photo shoot for the new Sting communication campaigns.