Start of Adlens® collaboration with American Diabetes Association

The technology by the Oxford-based company used to resolve complications associated with the disease

Adlens® has begun a collaboration with the American Diabetes Association. Thanks to this agreement, Adlens® will be able to promote – at centers and hospitals specializing in treating diabetes - adjustable focus eyeglasses as the ideal answer to vision complications caused by the disease.


The instantly adjustable eyeglasses are a revolutionary product conceived by Adlens® to ensure personalized focusing for anyone who needs eyesight correction. According to the American Diabetes Association, 4.2 million people over 40 have had problems of diabetic retinopathy or vision complications associated with this disease. With a pair of Adlens® glasses, focus can be adjusted in a few minutes for near, mid-range and distance vision: an immediate solution to any problem of vision instability.


"The collaboration with the American Diabetes Association highlights the ability of our technology to have a real and positive influence on people's daily lives" – commented Michael C Ferrara, CEO of Adlens®. "We believe that our technology is truly revolutionary. Our mission is to globally grow awareness of its potential and this agreement is another important step in that direction".