Spreyes: eye lubricant spray containing hyaluronic acid

Safilens has launched a new product that delivers health and comfort for both the anterior section of the eye and the entire eyelid area

It is now finally possible to combine cosmetics and pharmacology in the eye area. Safilens, a company that boasts state-of-the-art R&D of products based on hyaluronic acid, has developed Spreyes, a revolutionary eye lubricant spray that ensures the health and comfort of both the anterior section of the eye (cornea, sclera and conjunctiva) and the eyelid area (comprising eyelids and area around the eyes).
Underlying the beneficial action of the product, once again Safilens has drawn on the potential of the application of hyaluronic acid which, in the form of spray, can be used with the eyes either open or closed depending on the specific requirements.


The formulation of the Spreyes solution means that it lends itself to a surprisingly versatile and easy use, with safe and immediate effects. As eye lubricant spray, the new product just launched by Safilens is particularly suitable for people who suffer from "dry eye" symptoms, a problem that is now very widespread and tends to be further aggravated with age. In view of its unique ability to bind with the tear component, hyaluronic acid fosters hydrodynamic recovery and can consequently relieve irritation of the eye surface and keep it perfectly hydrated.


To boost the properties of the solution, the Italian company has also included distilled water of witch hazel, chamomile and eyebright, known since time immemorial for their refreshing and soothing qualities. The cosmetic aspect of the product becomes even more obvious if we consider how, in view of its recognised qualities as a natural moisturiser, hyaluronic acid has rapidly become the epitome of skin care. Consequently, dermatological use for the eyelids and the area around the eyes ensures that the skin remains moist since it prevents evaporation, to which its extraordinary hydrophilic qualities, capable of actually capturing moisture from the air, can be added. These unique characteristics make the effects of cosmetic treatment with hyaluronic acid comparable to an authentic facelift! An extra advantage is that, unlike creams and unguents, spray application allows a perfect distribution and absorption of the product without the need for massage and with no worry about the product getting into the eyes