Spinhawk is the “Technically Cool” lifestyle eyewear worn by Rudy Project athletes

Cal Crutchlow, Peter Sagan and Pete Jacobs are some of the team's strongest athletes who chose the model for their leisure time

Rudy Project's Spinhawk is the lifestyle eyewear that best expresses an aptitude for sport, even during moments of relaxation. The exceptional technical characteristics give the wearer attractive appeal and a "Technically Cool" result.


Extraordinary MotoGP ace Cal Crutchlow, the new cycling champion Peter Sagan, and triathlete Pete Jacobs, 2012 Ironman Hawaii world champion, are just some of the strongest athletes in the Rudy Project stable who decided to wear this model during their leisure time.


The Spinhawk design is the result of a skillful combination of elements drawn from Rudy Project's stylistic heritage, elements which have ensured the success of the Treviso-based company, and distinctive new details for a unique and ever-popular style. Character and personality radiate from each of the six color variants available for this eyewear with a classic but feisty look: matte black, camouflage green, orange shade matte, frozen brown, crystal ash, frozen ash.


Spinhawk is also technology. This model has Multilaser RP Optics™ sun lenses developed using a special process by which an extremely thin "mirroring" treatment is applied to the surface of the lens. The result is reduced eye strain, total UV protection and an appearance that is guaranteed to be excellent.
This eyewear can also be fitted with ImpactRx™ prescription lenses, the personalized correction solution at the top of the Rudy Project range (photochromic and shatterproof, they guarantee maximum vision clarity and safety), or with Hi Index +1.6™, the static ophthalmic lenses that are extremely light, slim and resistant and ideal for strong prescriptions.