Special edition of Vanni Magazine "on air"

Vanni flies to Rome to spend a day at Radio Capital for the shoot of its models

We recognize voices and music on the radio but rarely faces and locations. Keeping up with its tradition of photographing eyewear in creative locations, Turin brand VANNI flew to Rome to spend a day at Radio Capital, the historical Italian radio station renowned for quality music and in-depth reporting.


Warmly welcomed by the recording studio complete with mixers and microphones, photographing announcers, editors and sound technicians wearing models from the new VANNI collection was practically a game. For once, their smiling faces "talked" more than their voices, some of which are well-known to millions of Italians. In religious silence, four amused and easygoing presenters hosted VANNI live in their soundproof temple/studio during peak-time radio transmissions.


Behind the scenes, a flurry of activity by editors and offices, where every moment of the program schedule is planned, combined and measured. Capital–eyes: the outcome was a really special shoot – all that was lacking was the background noise. The day on air cannot be heard, but the visuals say it all.