Smith Optics presents ChromaPopTM

The new technology delivers high-performance vision and color perception

Always attentive to the environment and the quality of materials and workmanship, Smith Optics is proud to announce another important milestone in the optical sector: the exclusive ChromaPopTM lens technology that delivers high-performance vision and color perception.


From a scientific point of view, ChromaPopTM is the world's most advanced polarized lens: the technology is based on the absence of film, which is designed to optimize color perception and increase vision clarity.


ChromaPopTM eliminates any confusion about colors by enabling the brain to recognize true colors more quickly, irrespective of the color of the lens. When light passes through a traditional lens, there are two points at which the light waves intersect and the brain has to identify red, green or blue.


With ChromaPopTM technology, the intersections are blocked and the brain immediately recognizes the color the way it should be seen. Greater depth and detail reduce eye strain as a consequence. The ChromaPopTM lens is available in four exclusive colors: ChromaPopTM Polarchromic Ignitor, ChromaPopTM Polar Brown, ChromaPopTM Polar Gray Green and ChromaPopTM Polar Platinum.