Silmo d'Or for Varilux S

Essilor won the Silmo D'Or in the "Vision" category for the revolutionary new Varilux S

"This important award demonstrates the success of our innovation strategy that allows us to provide wearers with lenses that deliver vision defect correction of the very best quality and comfort. We are proud that the sector has recognized our constant commitment to improving vision throughout the world, a mission that all the Group's teams are dedicated to every day and in every country in which we operate", said Hubert Sagnières, Essilor Group President and CEO.


The Silmo d'Or presented to Varilux S awards the technological progress achieved by the Essilor Team that has created new lenses which revolutionize the correction of presbyopia.
Almost 50 years after inventing the first progressive lens, with VARILUX S Essilor continues its innovative strategy of offering the best vision quality to the world's almost two billion farsighted people.


Nanoptix™ and SynchronEyes™, two revolutionary technologies patented by Essilor, overcome traditional technological barriers to make Varilux S a unique lens that for the first time simultaneously offers farsighted people stability in motion and a wide field of vision by virtually eliminating the need for adjustment.


Essilor places innovation at the center of its growth strategy by investing over 150 million euros every year in Research & Development at its three Innovation and Technology Centers, where the lenses of the future are developed to meet the vision needs of consumers.