Silhouette takes eye care specialists to the heart of its production

The start of a program of visits to the headquarters in Linz, Austria

Silhouette has returned to focusing on products, quality and partner-customers: the start of a program of visits to its headquarters in Linz, Austria.
The tour of the production facilities by eye care specialists is an important opportunity to underscore the reliability of the brand and products in addition to strengthening relationships of mutual trust with its customers.


The first of a series of journeys to Linz took place in September and involved some partners from Puglia, Sicily, Tuscany and Lazio. Three days of stimulating activities: a visit to the production facility and entertainment, such as a guided tour of Salzburg and the inevitable stroll along the banks of the Danube.


The guided visit to the production facility was at the heart of the program. Customers were able to see for themselves the culture of detail and quality that lies behind Silhouette by following over 200 stages, the majority of which are carried out by artisans.


After being met by international sales director Gregor Dietachmayr and area manager centre-south Europe Bettina Lagler, an open and frank debate was enthusiastically entered into with the group's technical director Rupert Spindelbalker.


The next visit to Linz is scheduled for November 2012.