Shield Eyewear fosters the psycho-physical wellbeing of wearers

By emitting electromagnetic frequencies, the glasses effectively combat the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation

Shield Eyewear is a real revolution in the field of eyewear: a collection of eyewear that for the first time applies i.Care® technology to provide protection from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.


Harmful electromagnetic fields cause considerable oxidative stress layers that increase the production of free radicals. Chronic tiredness, disturbed sleep patterns, digestive problems, irritability and stress are just some of the more immediate consequences.


Discreetly inserted in the terminal end piece, i.Care® wellness chips act like a very strong antioxidant. When they are activated, they emit electromagnetic frequencies that effectively combat the harmful effects of the electromagnetic radiation to which we are exposed every day. By re-establishing the organism's optimal electrochemical balance, i.Care® microchips significantly reduce the number of free radicals and thereby have an immediate positive effect on our wellbeing.


Young and attractive, the new Shield Eyewear collection is distinguished by its attention to details and the highest levels of quality. Ultra-light materials and minimalist lines ensure an informal, but decisive look. Nothing is left to chance and everything contributes to a result that is a fitting ambassador of Made in Italy throughout the world: sheets with 5-axis milling, steel integrated flex hinges with 17-axis milling, bold colors, final curve angle and manual assembly with 4 steel rivets, form a single unit with the temple core.