“See better center”: a new partnership with companies, opticians and end-consumers

New visual merchandising from Rodenstock to fully meet the needs of every outlet

Visual merchandising that is striking for customers and of strong interest to opticians, an outlet atmosphere that is exciting and stimulating for welcoming consumers and creating loyalty: these are the essential elements for guaranteeing sales with added value.


To offer a tangible response to the needs of the market, Rodenstock has developed a project titled the See Better Center: an important service that is part of the new Better Vision System through which Rodenstock strengthens and establishes its partnership with eye-care specialists to ensure "perfect eyewear" for consumers.


With the See Better Centers, Rodenstock offers a strong partnership between the Company, the optician and the end-consumer; a sensory, exciting and visual route that welcomes and guides customers to a dedicated station; the professionalism of the sales team supported by highly-engaging and explanatory consultancy tools; an informed guide to buying premium lenses and frames.


Rodenstock fully meets the specific needs of every outlet by providing a range of functional and intelligent proposals that adapt perfectly to each one and maximize the potential of the optical center.


The three solutions Rodenstock offers its partners increase brand visibility and support sales through consultancy tools that are always updated and have recognizable characteristics:


Corners composed of units in various sizes and a choice of attractive visuals and areas for displaying frames, sales desks, and a red carpet, the element that links the sales area.


Shop-in-Shop Systems. Customized layouts that recreate areas reserved for sales and displaying frames with top-quality fixtures that give excellent visibility.


Concept Shops with a strong Rodenstock personality for experiencing and touching at first hand the Rodenstock world and the quality of a brand with 100% German engineering.


The See Better Centers encapsulate the world of Rodenstock, a world made up of innovative, high-tech tools and software thanks to which all vision requirements can be met with the right lens and the right frame.