Schettino in command of the Concordia without his glasses??

First officer Ambrosio stated that, on the night of the shipwreck, the captain had forgotten his glasses

With the approach of summer, we are frequently reminded not to forget our glasses. The reference is to sunglasses, the principal and essential way of protecting eyes from the strain of UV rays.


But protecting ourselves from the sun is not the subject we want to discuss here: at the moment, the reminder is about prescription eyeglasses, the ones that help us to see well. Forgetting our glasses happens more often than we think, especially if we need them only in certain situations and don't wear them all the time. They are not a part of us, they are not the almost natural appendage of people who have always worn them.
But even for those of us who are not totally glasses-dependent, not having them close at hand at times of need can be counterproductive and may even have tragic consequences.


This consideration came naturally to mind after reading about the Costa Concordia shipwreck and the behavior of its captain, Francesco Schettino, now under judicial investigation. According to several sources, at a hearing first officer Ciro Ambrosio talked about Schettino's eyesight problems and said that he "wears glasses for eyestrain" . But, according to Ambrosio who reconstructed the dramatic moments of the disaster, "when he took control he did not have them, he had forgotten them. He asked me a number of times to adjust the scale of the radar because he couldn't see it well".


Our conclusion: an extra pair of glasses close at hand is better than no pairs at all!