Schalcon colors your eyes

IRIS is the name of the lens that combines perfect vision with a glamorous trend

Since 1977, Schalcon has been producing totally Made in Italy contact lenses and solutions. It has always invested in technology, innovation and design to offer a complete range of leading-edge products.


On the occasion of MIDO, the appointment most eagerly-awaited by operators in the sector, Schalcon presented IRIS, the cosmetic and corrective contact lens available in 6 glamorous colors: aqua, green, dark green, blue, dark blue and gray. A range conceived to change your eye color every day without giving up vision wellbeing and the quality of Schalcon products.


In addition to their purely aesthetical function of changing the color of the iris, the lenses have all the characteristics of prescription lenses with an anti-UV filter that protects the eyes from the harmful effects of the sun's rays.


A true technological revolution that begins with the construction material. The lenses are made from "methafilcon", a biocompatible hydrophilic polymer, and they are 55% water, which means they are very easy to use and guarantee prolonged comfort.


IRIS lenses and all of Schalcon's new products were presented March 2 through 4 at MIDO, Pav. 22 G21 H22, Fieramilano Rho-Pero, and will be distributed to major optical centers throughout Italy.