Satisfaction for D.A.I. Optical at Mido 2013

An increase in visitors compared to 2012 thanks to the new products presented

Again this year, D.A.I. Optical Industries' participation in Mido came to a considerably successful conclusion. Thanks to its elegant and refined stand featuring a mega video wall, the new products presented and special promotional actions, D.A.I. Optical Industries gained the support and interest of its visitors.


It was no accident that many opticians, perhaps curious about the new iPad applications or the new products presented in the new 2013 catalog, visited the D.A.I. Optical Industries stand to find out more about the company and its technology.


D.A.I. Optical's investment in communication is already giving its first results.
Visitors at the stand found a warm welcome and, primarily, substantial professionalism.
We can say that the unexpected and rich set of proposals and new developments were received with sincere congratulations and numerous compliments at every visit.


The many commercial actions, countless advertising campaigns on television and in trade publications (always with highly impactful messages for audiences), investments in communication through the D.A.I. Emotions iPad applications which, in addition to lens centering, also demonstrate the advantages of progressive, monofocal, occupational, photochromatic, antireflection and polarized lenses, direct marketing policies and co-marketing initiatives are just some of the tools that for several years now the company has made available to enable all clients to increase outlet potential and offer greater stimulus for buying.


D.A.I. Optical is the first company in Italy to design and develop free-form designs, IT systems for tele-bevelling, sales aids and non-conventional antireflection treatments at its own facilities. The company is oriented towards the total satisfaction of opticians' technical requirements by proposing products, treatments and coloring, IT solutions for tele-shaping, augmented reality simulation, video centering, 3D design of free-form lenses, technical applications for smartphones and tablets, consultancy and technical expertise, training courses, contactology and accessories, important advertising campaigns on national TV networks, soccer events, trade magazines, newsletters, social networks and advertising in outlets.