Safilens makes its first appearance at the BCLA Exhibition in Manchester

A crucial presence for the launch of "Fusion 1day" on the British market

After Opti Muich and Mido, Safilens has announced its attendance at the BCLA Clinical Conference & Exhibition on June 6 - 9 2013 in Manchester.


The highly professional and educational framework of the BCLA will underpin the Company's promotion of the recent launch on the British market of the contact lens "Fusion 1day". Opticians will be informed about the importance of the ultimate Fusion Technology patented by Safilens. Moreover, synergic relations with the new sole agent for the British market will also be in the spotlight.


"Fusion 1day" is the first daily disposable biocompatible contact lens based on the innovative Fusion Technology, which includes in the contact lens structure a copolymer made of the two most widely used natural polymers for "Dry Eye" treatment. This improves wearer comfort by normalising the tear film.


On Saturday, 8 June, at 01.00 pm, Nick Atkins will present a comparative study of silicone hydrogel and hydrogel contact lenses at the event. He will explain that "Fusion 1day" and Fusion Technology enhance and extend the comfort of contact lens wearers, thus reducing the number of patients who abandon their use.