Rodenstock on new media conquest

Apps, blogs and social networks: social Media Strategy as the fundamental point of encounter between potential consumers and the brand

Thanks to a complete and wide-ranging strategy, Rodenstock's Better Vision System has joined the web world to encourage internauts of all ages to make a knowledgeable purchase of the perfect eyewear. With 2,000 users already on Facebook alone, it is also holding educational activities in forums and events dedicated to bloggers.


Encouraging positive word of mouth, informing consumers who are more attentive and sensitive to vision wellbeing, demonstrating the Better Vision System, through which customers are guided by their optometrist to make a knowledgeable purchase of the perfect eyewear. These are the important aims of the New Media Strategy that Rodenstock Italia has chosen for inaugurating its presence in the modern world of social media.


The official Rodenstock Italia page on Facebook, (, the community entirely devoted to product content, the most advanced technologies for resolving eyesight issues and the new fashion trends in the world of frames, has about 2,000 users who daily interact directly with the brand and can find useful and interesting information to share online.


The strategy intentionally includes theme forums and communities dedicated to the world of health and wellbeing, where Rodenstock offers its professionalism in the ophthalmic field by organizing interesting educational activities and initiatives.


The world of blogs also responded positively to this new project by enthusiastically accepting an invitation to join exclusive campaigns and events oriented toward strengthening the brand's online reputation and demonstrating its offer of new lenses and frames as well as other new products by the prestigious brands under license.


Thanks to a strategic mix of activities in the main social media, users can continue to discover the brand on the official website, an interactive platform with a wealth of content, information and helpful news about vision wellbeing and the most recent collections of lenses and frames. A geolocation system enables consumers to easily find the nearest Rodenstock partner outlet, where they can have a hands-on experience and create their perfect eyewear with the optometrist.


The relationship between the brand and the recipients of this 2.0 project is enhanced by a monthly newsletter with themes for the worlds of eye care professionals and consumers, and the development of an interactive app for iPads.


Lens Consulting, for example, is an interactive presentation of the performance guaranteed by Rodenstock's progressive and monofocal lenses calibrated on individual parameters, a real help for users and optometrists, whereas the Sunwear App demonstrates the efficiency of Rodenstock's sun lenses simply and immediately.


"Our Better Vision System is built on the perfect integration of all the elements involve. Our Social Media Strategy is identified as the first point of encounter between potential customers and the Rodenstock world" stated Grazia Livia, Trade & New Media Manager at Rodenstock Italia – "We wish to use the web and its word of mouth aspect to build unique occasions of meeting the brand and giving users the chance to go to the outlet to find out more about the quality that distinguishes the relationship with our partners and the technological content of our offer of lenses and frames".


A real Digital PR campaign, a sign of the company's modern vision and awareness of the determining role played by social media in constructing and consolidating online brand reputation as well as fostering visibility and increasing the value of relationships with consumers.