Rodenstock expands “M” channel

The "M" channel opportunity has been offered also to the Superior segment with Progressiv PureLife Free® and Progressiv Life Free®

In the top price segments of the progressive lens category there are normally two channels, "short" and "long", but these have a number of limitations.


To date, the "M" channel (16 mm) was offered by Rodenstock only for the Excellence (Multigressiv MyView®) and Perfection (Impression® e Impression FreeSign®) segments.
However, given the increasing attention consumers pay to value for money, Rodenstock has decided to offer the "M" channel also in the Superior segment for Progressiv PureLifeFree® and Progressiv Life Free® lenses.


The 16 mm "M" channel is positioned half way between the existing "XS" and "L" channels.


The main advantage of the "M" channel is that it overcomes the limits imposed by the other two channels. Specifically:


-With the increase in presbyopia, the reduction of the "M" channel's intermediate field is more moderate than the "XS" channel;


-With the "M" channel, the reduction of the near vision field is less marked than with the "L" channel;


-Normally, the "M" channel requires no adaptation as near vision is only 2 mm lower than the "XS" channel;


-Thanks to its minimum assembly height of only 18 mm, the "M" channel offers greater freedom for choosing frames.


The offer of the "M" channel for Rodenstock's Progressiv PureLife Free® and Progressiv Life Free® lenses meets the demands of all wearers of glasses seeking the best product with the best value of money.