Recon Jet for sport are now available Designed for athletes or an alternative to Google Glass?

Designed for athletes or an alternative to Google Glass?

Recon Instruments has announced new technological glasses designed specifically for athletes that will be launched in various markets by the end of the year.


Recon Jet is the name of the technological glasses designed specifically for athletes and sportsmen and women, with a focus on cyclists and even beyond. They protect the eyes while displaying different parameters that include average or current speed, kilometers traveled and those to be completed.


Head of marketing at Recon Instruments Tom Flower wanted to point out that Recon Jet are not a generic model of technological glasses, but have very specific aims: they are not designed to be worn all day, but exclusively when practicing sport. Therefore, it would seem that they do not clash with the now famous Google Glass because Recon Jet is for a very specific target. Could they become an interesting choice also for city use?


Speed sensors and an altimeter are signs of a commitment to high-altitude sports, cycling or running, whereas the monitor or, rather, the Head-Up Display (HUD), is located under the right eye, not above it like Google Glass, inserted in a temple that follows the entire profile of the glasses and ends right under the lens.


Everything is activated by an Android dual core processor, the same operating system used by Google Glass, and connectivity is guaranteed by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There is also an HD camera, a mini action-cam that in the future could replace GoPro and similar products for recording adrenaline-charged films.


From an aesthetical viewpoint, they are less "alien" than the Google model and this is a point in their favor that could encourage distribution, even though they will weigh up to 60 grams.

They are expected to make their debut by end 2013 but, as yet, there is no detailed information about their price.