Piero Massaro presents new collection at Silmo

The new line is inspired by the characteristics of the "Giudecca"

Remaining true to his island heritage, for this collection Sicilian designer Piero Massaro was influenced by many aspects of Giudecca, an island that has always been considered an integral part of Venice.


Inspired primarily by the famous Molino Stucky building, now a symbol of the island, and the small shipyards that are managed by prestigious artisans, the designer created the "Giudecca" collection that conjures up its main characteristics: the predominant color of the acetates is the same orange as the imposing building on Giudecca; the temple faceting of some models is reminiscent of the curves and corners typical of the forcolas (oarlocks) on Venetian boats.


The effect is an alternation of light and dark areas that change depending on the direction; a play of light and shade that enhances brilliance and opacity, like the aura of chiaroscuro that envelops the entire island.


All the models in this collection also have bayonet temples, an international patent that was presented last year.


Lastly, for the sun models the designer has again chosen lenses in optical glass by Barberini.