Optovista presents Ego AQT: a revolution in vision acuity

Presented for the very first time at Mido, the most advanced progressive lens by the Emilia based company

Optovista, a made-in-Italy ophthalmic lens producer, has always been committed to offering leading-edge products capable of meeting the most sophisticated demands of people who wear glasses. Increasing vision acuity is one of the aims pursued by the Optovista laboratories.


This is why the Research & Development department created the new progressive lens, Ego AQT, which is totally personalized by means of an exclusive three-dimensional, double-sided mapping procedure. This lens improves appearance, possible applications in terms of materials, and the surface alignment of Optovista's Classic and Free Form progressive lenses.


Ego AQT is made with Optovista's exclusive Double Subjective Technology (DST) which consists of creating complex curves on both surfaces of the lens. This guarantees improved vision acuity at all distances and near vision in particular, and a perfect aesthetic result.


Another revolution that will be appreciated by opticians and their clients is that the lens does not require any adaptation by the wearer. Comfort and aesthetics are unequalled, the reading area is enhanced and lateral astigmatism is reduced. Ego AQT is suitable also for sports frames and performs excellently with tablets, smartphones and computers.