Optics and occupation on UnoMattina

Giorgio Righetti spoke on TV about the discrepancy between offer and demand in Italy's labor market

At 10.15 on Monday, a section dedicated to jobs on UnoMattina - the TV program on the Rai1 network hosted by Elisa Isoardi and Franco Di Mare - looked into an issue that is common to all countries, the discrepancy between offer and demand in the labor market.


Discussing it were IlSole24Ore journalist Davide Colombo, tax consultant Gianluca Timpone, Assintel President Giorgio Rapari - live from Milan-, and Giorgio Righetti, director of the B. Zaccagnini Institute of Bologna that every year produces qualified opticians specialized in optometry. For many years Giorgio Righetti has been involved in a recruiting campaign for new opticians and this interview was an opportunity for him to reiterate that optics has been less affected by labor issues than other sectors, provides a growing elderly population with an essential product/service, and continues to employ qualified people for jobs that are well-suited to the capabilities of young people.


Schools struggle and fail to fill the demand (i.e. independent opticians and chains) - offer gap, but it is containable as the offer depends on the ability of schools to fulfill it and on the fact that it concerns an exclusive role that is not possible with any other school certificate.


With the exception of the example made by Giorgio Rapari regarding jobs in IT, the other cases of demand not being covered by offer concern jobs like pizza or ice cream makers. Unlike the profession of optician, in terms of qualifications and quality of work, they are not aspired to by high school graduates.