Optical Master Club convention in Rome

Strategic alliance with Vision Group presented to Members

The fifth Optical Master Club convention was held in Rome at the end of January.
This year's event celebrated the kick-off of the alliance with Vision Group, the most important network in Italy's optical market.


An authoritative guest speaker at the event was Professor Sandro Castaldo (Area Marketing Director SDA Bocconi, Milan), who demonstrated that nowadays alliances and synergies can be the most effective and efficient way of being competitive again.
Unity is strength, and this applies also to opticians and optical groups alike. Now more than ever before, being part of a network is a strategic option for exponentially increasing the chances of success that otherwise may be unattainable.


OMC's mission has not changed. And neither have its values. But the "tailor-made" services provided by OMC during this first half decade will be joined now by new opportunities through Vision Group: from logistics to commercial actions to training.

These levers will be available for OMC Members, but, as always, they will still be completely free to choose the solution that best suits their retail business.

Of the new opportunities, worthy of special mention are:
1. The new "OSCAR" system, the acronym in Italian for "high-profit supply chain optimization". It is a new form of planning purchases and assortments, an advanced system for managing stocks and unsold product returns, with guaranteed additional awards.
2. The new line of ophthalmic lenses by the "Nakyma" house brand.
3. The new line of eyewear by the "Contemporary Heroes" house brand.
4. "Amici per la vista": a comprehensive program for fostering and consolidating relationships with the medical class.
And for OMC Members who want to open a new outlet or convert one of their stores to gain a better hold of the territory and set up a barrier against incoming competitors, the VisionOttica glocal sign could be the right answer.


OMC is not reneging on its work to date, but is simply expanding its portfolio of opportunities to enable Members to tackle new challenges with confidence and increase profitability. In short: new chances and the same freedom as always.


The numerous entrepreneurs who attended from all over Italy took home an enormous package of stimulating ideas that their typical entrepreneurial mentality will translate into new success stories.