Oftalmica Galileo presents Selective Lady

The new progressive lens with a pink ribbon, dedicated exclusively to the world of women

Women have considerable purchasing power and not only when deciding what baby food or detergent to buy. They set aside a significant sum of money to spend on themselves or their loved ones, especially when it comes to wellbeing, and increasingly they are the decision makers for high-tech purchases. They have significant influence on the market and deserve appropriate products for them and their specific needs. Including eyesight.


Oftalmica Galileo Italia proudly presents a pink ribbon for the birth of progressive lenses only and exclusively for women: Selective® Lady.
This leap ahead in ophthalmic solutions was prompted by international research carried out by BBGR. The meticulous analysis of data collected during the multi-year use of individual lenses determined the main identifying elements of farsighted women, which were integrated in the design of the new lens.
With the same avant-garde spirit, it combined the "revisited" conventional Harmon Distance with the interpretation of the optical parameters of frames chosen most frequently by the women in our commercial area.


Making its premiere at Galileo Club opticians, Selective® Lady is an example of the surprising results of the most modern scientific and technological resources that women can benefit from in terms of vision improved by the pluses of the Neva® Max range of treatments for transparency, scratch resistance, the absence of residual reflections and prevention of dirt deposits.


This totally "pink" solution is an interesting resource for encouraging a new purchasing orientation by farsighted women who are aware, demanding and inclined to take care of themselves with targeted solutions. Not only: women have an innate sense of communication and when they find a good new product on the market they talk about it within their family and social circles, thereby creating a lively and effective word-of-mouth effect. The choice is in their hands and their involvement also stems from an interesting communication that will attract their attention in bright windows or small, effective corners in stores.


Selective® Lady talks to women through a kit with a feminine flavor, promoting and giving information about the new product in an original pack with elegant elements that come with the lenses and will continue to be intriguing even after the sale.


Selective® Lady by Oftalmica Galileo Italia helps to support the Double Defense Foundation promoted by Michelle Hunziker and Giulia Bongiorno for women who are victims of discrimination, abuse and violence.