Nokia Lumia 1020 chooses Zeiss

The new smartphone features Pure View technology and a 41 megapixel camera

Once again well-known companies have chosen Zeiss for presenting products with increasingly high levels of performance.


The German company has always been renowned for the quality of its optical devices that have captured and given special moments: from microscope lenses and camera lenses to the innovative technologies of ophthalmic lenses for superior vision, ZEISS has made precision and technology the inescapable prerequisites for all its product lines.The choice of a pair of glasses frequently hides a desire to look and feel better thanks to slim, lightweight lenses that do not compromise aesthetics. Lenses that are made in accordance with strict standards of quality and technology for superior vision and seeing every detail clearly. In the same way, a photograph has always hidden a desire to keep memories alive, to remember all the tiny and large details: a vacation and that fabulous beach, a child's first smile or a group of high-spirited friends at a birthday party.


Thanks to the rapid, 360° advance Zeiss has made in the optical field, such progress is now available to everyone and is always close at hand, like a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses or the new Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone, which was recently presented to the whole world. It features Pure View technology and a 41megapixel camera, offering today's maximum resolution for a mobile phone.