New iPad app by Rodenstock

Lens Consulting demonstrates ophthalmic lens performance with 3D animation

Lens Consulting enables optometrists to offer their clients professional, innovative and engaging advice.


Rodenstock has created a new interactive app as a modern and useful support for consultations between optometrists and their clients. The tool is an opportunity to demonstrate to consumers the high performance of progressive and monofocal lenses by the historical German brand.


Lens Consulting's effective 3D animation demonstrates how variations in individual vision parameters, such as interpupillary distance or wrap angle, affect visual fields. It also shows what the client will see when wearing Rodenstock's progressive or monofocal lenses and highlights their advantages compared to conventional lenses.


The app can also be easily and conveniently used from the consumer's iPad for access to more detailed information about the product they are interested in and for a realistic simulation of the vision benefits of Rodenstock's ophthalmic lenses.


In the Social Media Strategy launched by Rodenstock as part of the Better Vision System for the informed purchase of the Perfect Glasses, Lens Consulting is yet another confirmation of Rodenstock's promise to be an active partner for eye care professionals.